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Independent Order of Odd Fellows

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What is The Bursary?


The Bursary Plan is an Educational Project of the Independent Order of

Odd Fellows in the Province of Alberta.


Benefits available are intended for the assistance of worthy students, dependents of the members of the Order, following graduation of secondary school. The plan may be extended to include those outside the Order but all applications are subject to recommendation by a Lodge.


The Purpose of this Bursary is to provide assistance to students pursuing university, nursing school, and all post secondary studies but not graduate studies. Students are to attend courses only in Alberta unless the desired courses are not available in Alberta.


A person applying for the Bursary must be 21 years of age, or under, at the time of original application, have above average marks and warrant assistance due to home circumstances. He or She will receive a one-year bursary and must re-apply each year up to a total of, but not exceeding, four (4) years.


The Bursary is Based on Financial Need, Community Involvement, Academic Excellence and Career Objective:


Applicant must provide Official Transcript of Most Recent Grades




$500.00 to $1000


Application Deadline:


May 31st of Each Calendar Year




See application form .....



Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Grand Lodge - Rebekah Assembly - Grand Encampment