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IOOF Oddefellows Rebekah Alberta

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

 Grand Lodge - Rebekah Assembly

Grand Encampment


Grand Master


Grand Patriarch

What is an Odd Fellow?


An Odd Fellow is a person that is 16-18 years or older who believes in improving the world for the greater good from a Local, Provincial, National and International perspective.


Odd Fellowship Seeks to Promote:


The opportunity for each member to contribute useful service.

The lesson of fraternity, that all are of one family.

The importance of the principle of Friendship, Love and Truth.

The privilege and duty of individual sympathy, mutual assistance and every-day service to ones fellows.

The principle of humanity as intended to be one harmonious structure.

The value of how members can function independently, yet help their neighbors.

The difference between right and wrong.

The importance of giving as opposed to receiving.


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Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Grand Lodge - Rebekah Assembly - Grand Encampment